of Bowling Alley 3-site installation
traverses Minneapolis Ten's texts
continues through a single message
write-into the site, adding to the body of alien texts
remixes a scramble of Minneapolis Ten & alien texts.
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Bowling Alley is a cybernetic installation linking 3 public spaces through ISDN lines and digital sensor data: Walker Art Center's Gallery 7, Minneapolis; Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis; and the Bowling Alley Website. Bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl triggers changes in the chain of ISDN connections; scrambling the gallery's laserdisc projection and interfering with viewers' paths through the website.

Bowling Alley installation commissioned by the Walker Art Center 1995-96 and conceived by Shu Lea Cheang.
Bowling Alley Website artists: Sawad Brooks, Christa Erickson, and Beth Stryker. [credits]